Rayon Feels Great On

A high quality, breathable fabric Rayon is light, breathable, easy to iron and feels great against your skin. You can throw this shirt in your beach bag and it’s going to take minimal effort to look sharp for your night out. If you suffer from sweat patches, not only is the shirt going to make you sweat less, the material is also adbsorbant to hide those unsightly patches.

Coconut Shell Buttons

Coconut shell is an organic material that gives every shirt that a chilled and natural, laid-back island look. Like the classic Hawaiian style, not only do they look great, but they degrade naturally. The ocean needs no more plastic. 


One Size Fits All

The shirts fit a whole range of shapes and sizes, so whether you're a small or an XL, it'll be loose and relaxed just like you. The sleeves are easy to turn up so you can fit them to your shape. Whether you decide to wear it open with a T, buttoned right to the top and untucked, or buttoned up with a French tuck, you will look hot… without getting too hot.

The Prints

Printed shirts are all about self expression and individuality, which is exactly why production volumes are kept low. Not only is every shirt an exclusive, but apart from at Fat Fish events, you are very unlikely to see these anywhere else in the world. If you do, don’t forget to say hi, they are most likely a part of the Fat Fish Familia. 


​Commitment to the Planet

We always try to be environmentally responsible, raise awareness and contribute where we can. For this line, 10% of all profits will go directly to Paddle For the Planet, a charity who remove plastic from our oceans and waterways. If there is any cause you feel would be a great fit for us, or you think they can do better, please contact apparel@fatfishfamilia.com.

This is and always will be, a two way conversation.


The Clothing that Keeps on Giving

Like all things Fat Fish, it wouldn’t feel a special without a few surprises along the way. As well as some hidden messages, the shirts contain a scannable QR code with access to a special 6 hour secret mix recorded right here in Singapore by head honcho Orio and Tel Aviv’s own, Block veteran Amichay Matyas - perfect for shaking your booty on laundry day!




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